1) Manheim Accelerate

Our Accelerate programme was created to help our buyer customers bounce back after the first lockdown period and to help with the transition to online-only auctions. As part of the package, we’ve removed all Simulcast and collection fees, expanded our online auction programme, and provide free QuickList Imagery to help buyers advertise their stock online faster.

2) Online part-ex from eVA

The launch of eVA last year couldn’t have come at a better time for dealers who have been forced to provide online-only or click and collect services during three lockdowns. A known point of contention in any sale is often the part-ex, but with eVA’s simple online appraisals and accurate valuations, the transaction becomes easier for everyone when transacting online or in-store.

3) Online wholesale from Dealer Auction

Launched a little over a year ago, Dealer Auction was built to be the largest and smartest online wholesale platform in the UK. Combining the strengths of both Cox Automotive and Auto Trader, Dealer Auction has been a reliable stock source throughout the year, with intuitive design and functionality that helps dealers source stock easily and profitably.

4) Transport by Movex

In normal times, Movex’s trusted transport providers help to keep the UK automotive industry moving, but throughout the pandemic its services have proven to be vital. All transport providers have been operating within the latest government guidelines in respect of social distancing, sanitisation and safeguarding to ensure vehicles can continue to move from A to B at all times.

5) E-commerce solutions from Modix

Much has already been said about how COVID-19 has accelerated automotive e-commerce, but even before the pandemic, Modix were leading the way in helping dealers to market and sell their vehicles online. Through its retail, imagery and video, and advertising solutions, Modix is helping dealers of all sizes captivate consumers, generate sales and secure long-term commercial growth.