1) Stock policy alerts

As a digital-first platform, Dealer Auction’s goal is to make buying stock as easy and efficient as possible. Now with Stock policy alerts, you can simply set the criteria for the stock you want and we’ll do all the leg work. Once a suitable vehicle is added to the platform, we’ll send you a notification to help you get your bid in ahead of other buyers.

2) Stock feeds to upload multiple vehicles

We understand that uploading multiple vehicles can be slow and inefficient, but with stock feeds that’s no longer an issue. Dealer Auction now enables to you quickly and easily upload multiple listings at once to the platform. Our IT wizards will help set the feed up, and once done, adding vehicles will be a breeze.

3) Closed network functionality

Dealer Auction is all about giving you control over the sale, and a much-requested feature to help with that finally arrived in 2020. Vendors can now create closed networks within our platform to market stock directly to specific buyers. Just one more way in which Dealer Auction helps to connect the right buyers with your stock.

4) Advert templates and imagery guidelines

Having sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles online over the years, Dealer Auction know a thing or two about what makes a good vehicle listing. So this year we added advert templates and an image guidance facility to help you make your stock stand out from the rest.

5) New design and layout

If it wasn’t clear already, Dealer Auction is constantly developing and evolving to make an online marketplace that’s smarter, easier and more profitable for everyone. Design and layout play a huge part in this, so in the last year we revamped our search page, increased the number of listings available on each page, and redesigned the buyers’ dashboard with bid and buy now options.